Real Estate Capital – Due Diligence – Portfolio Management Services

Asset Management

Asset Monitoring

  • Initial assessment of physical, financial and operational issues
  • Collection, analysis and rollup of all property financial statements
  • Production of customized status reports for properties and portfolio
  • Regular site visits, with frequency geared to levels of asset performance
  • Long-term budgeting for property maintenance and improvements
  • Oversight of property management, including ternimation and replacement if necessary
  • Development and implementation of action plans

Asset Repositioning

  • Initial assessment of physical, financial and operational issues
  • Delivery of property and portfolio level reports and recommendations
  • Identification, interviews and recommendations for replacement property management
  • Review, development and oversight of asset-by-asset capital plans
  • Sales and disposition of inventory including single family and condo projects
  • Creation of sales/leasing/marketing plans based on knowledge of local markets
  • Regular site visits to monitor asset performance

Investor Services

MIRAMAR ASSET MANAGEMENT can provide third-party reporting services to keep investors informed about investment performance, potential opportunities, and emerging issues. We provide reporting, quantitative, and communication support that enables our clients to maintain their focus on what they do best – operating their portfolios for maximum value.

Investor Services

*Regular meetings with General Partners regarding asset performance

*Periodic site visits

*Summary reports to investors including financial results and narrative discussion

*Response to investor inquiries

*Additional support services, as appropriate (e.g. consent solicitation packages)

Disposition of Assets

*Portfolio evaluation, including option and pricing analysis

*Development of disposition plan

*Evaluation and negotiation of purchase offers

*Assistance to general partners in fulfilling fiduciary duties of disclosure and fairness

*Transaction closing

Due Diligence & Advisory


Underwriting and Investment Analysis

  • Review of relevant documents including analysis of property use restrictions, if applicable
  • Analysis of project positioning and local markets
  • Creation of financial models
  • Assessment of strengths, weaknesses and risks
  • Conclusion and recommendations to client

Ownership Interest Evaluation and Fairness Options

  • Fairness opinions of proposed transactions
  • Valuations for use in intra-partner negotiations, estate transfers, and other contexts
  • Internal assessments for decision making and accounting purposes


MIRAMAR ASSET MANAGEMENT helps clients capitalize on financing and restructuring opportunities created by the ever-changing economic enviorment

Refinancing & Restructuring / Acquisitions

Services available for developers:

Services available:

  • Complete underwriting and presentation write up including cash flow projections

  • Initial assessment of physical, financial and operational issues

  • Project feasibility analysis, including timing and sequencing issues

  • Development of transaction plan

  • Due diligence coordination and management

  • Identification, analysis and thorough comparison of potential debt and equity sources

  • Negotiation of loan terms and financial commitment

  • Preparation of proposal to key stakeholders for approval

  • Transaction closing

  • Preliminary evaluation of candidate properties

  • Analysis of pricing

  • M.O.U and Letter of Intent and Purchase Agreement negotiation

  • Negotiation of debt and equity terms

  • Due diligence coordination and management

  • Idnetification, analysis, and thorough comparison of potential debt sources

  • Subsidy contract negotiation as appropriate

  • Transaction closing under direction of client counsel

  • Post-closing support

Receivership Services


  • Possession and preservation of the asset
  • Supervision and direction of daily “on-going” activities of the property
  • Summary reports to investors including financial results and narrative discussion
  • Full review of all contractual services
  • Bidding and awarding of service contracts and independent outside services
  • Full accounting of all income and expenses
  • Authorization, control and payment of payables
  • Understanding of institutional requirements, policies and goals
  • Specific recommendations for extraordinary maintenance requirements
  • Proactive management to establish the confidence of tenants and others
  • Reports tailored to the needs of the court and secured creditors
  • Full cooperation after the receivership period to continue stabilization of any tenant base and property operation